Online video upscaling ‘’ renovated open.

On 24th Mar, online video upscaling based on cloud service, ‘’ renovated open. is getting famous at home and abroad because they serve fast and easy online video upscaling, and it can upscale up to 4K and great quality. We decide to renovate website for better service to more users.

Through this renovation, we focused on maintaining ease of use as before and adding new tools so that users upscale with higher quality. First, separate workspace and add preview tool, especially we introduce new upscaling version that added new AI models. Users can get upscaling results tailored to their favor.

1. Make workspace for focusing on upscaling workspace separate main page and workspace to users can upscale their video more easily. In addition, users can set details like resolution, video format, quality, etc. to taste, it calls ‘option’. You can make various options on a video to different results.

Even though workspace is separated and provides more sophisticated upscaling through setting options, maintains the ease of use. Upload your video on workspace and set option on your way, then click ‘PROGRESS CONVERTING’ button to upscale. If you click the original video, only display the video’s result, so users can see which one is the upscaling video without being confused.

2. ‘Preview’, you can compare B/A before download. preview

‘Preview’ is new tool in workspace to see upscaled result before download. Click the preview in option window and compare the original video and upscaled result based on the options you set. You can drag the middle bar to move freely to check whether the areas that need to be emphasized or there are any problems.

If you want to compare before and after more precisely, then adjust screen magnification from 100% to 400%, or scale to fit. Especially, have two versions of upscaling that apply different AI models, so user can get a better upscaling result by comparing which version goes best with the video.

3. Two versions of upscaling to satisfy user’s style. added new features for new website, the most notable part is ‘Deepfield-SR2’, another version of upscaling.’s upscaling is based on BLUEDOT’s ‘Deepfield-SR’, recently BLUEDOT developed new AI model to meet user’s needs. It applied to ‘Deepfield-SR2’, and both can use in

‘Deepfield-SR1’is same as before, AI generates pixels focusing on objects, so it enhances video naturally and quickly. The other version of upscaling, ‘Deepfield-SR2’, is focused on erase noise. it deletes only noise and emphasize textures, so it upscale more moderate than ‘Deepfield-SR1’. Two versions of upscaling have different characters, you can choose on your style.

4. The first impression of, main page. how to use?

The main page of introduce what kind of work we do to guests. ‘How to use?’ is a tutorial video showing how to use workspace, and users send any opinions like improvements or concerns using ‘Talk to Sales’. Above this, it introduces’s communities like YouTube, Facebook, and Blog. is planning to make various attempts from this renovation. We provide other useful video solutions except online video upscaling and better services by communicating with users through newsletters and SNS communities. All of this is thanks to steady increase’s users and the continued positive evaluations of our upscaling quality.