Why YouTube supports 4K videos?

More than 50 billion worldwide creators upload about 24,000 hours of contents in an hour, and more than 2 trillion users watch these huge number of contents. The value is recorded by YouTube, the word’s largest video platform.

Sometimes YouTube to be a standard for video contents. What is the trendiest contents? Who is the rising creator today? When I curious those information, I always search in YouTube. As such, YouTube is leading video contents market with steady changing and innovating. And supporting 4K videos is one of the various and innovative changes in YouTube. 4K has more pixels than HD about 4 times, so it express video definition in high quality. Then I curious a question, why the video trend leader YouTube supports 4K videos?

4K, the symbol of high-definition videos.

4K means there are about 4,000 pixels in the video horizontal. It also used to refering Ultra-high definition resolution and called 4K UHD(Ultra HD). 4K video’s size is 3840×2160, which is 3 times bigger than HD, and the quality is outstanding because it has more pixels than Full HD 4 times. When 4K appeared, 4096×2160 and 3840×2160 were used together but CEA(Consumer Electronics Association) set the size 3840×2160 in 2012, which is the current standard.

In 2012, South Korea transmitted 4K video for test broadcasting and start the era of 4K from while live broadcast 4K UHD some matches in Brazil world-cup 2014. Since then, 4K display market has grown rapidly because 4K contents has increased, now we watch 4K videos in daily life like desktop, laptop etc.

YouTube attempted to build a platform to watch 4K videos in 2015 for preparation the popularization of 4K videos. First, they test platform operation by playing 6 4K videos, and then provide 4K resolution function. YouTube provides SD, HD, 4K resolutions, and the highest resolution user can watch is 4K. In conclusion, supporting 4K on YouTube, the largest video contents platform, means that 4K has become the standard of high-quality video in the world.

Satisfied the public addicted to watching!

Not only YouTube, OTT platforms such as Netflix also play 4K contents because the vido trend have been changed. From 4K display is commercialized quickly, people watch videos on various displays like desktop, TV and they want to keep high quality on any displays.

Recently, Google Chromecast is very popular in South Korea. Even before release, many people order it online from overseas. In addition, the new version of TVs support video platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, Google Chromecast is gaining popularity more and more.

This means that people who watch videos on mobile to TV display have increased. Video content area has become huge thanks to people watch videos increased rapidly and videos become diverse for people who want to enjoy spare time. Therefore, people are inconvenienced when they watch video content on a small mobile screen for a long time, so they prefer to bigger display to watch video more comfortably.

Is the successful 4K video at stake?

However, I am worried about the future of 4K video because the number of contents provided in 4K is insufficient to satisfied public who are looking forward to high-quality video content. Besides, some defects that it is expensive to produce 4K contents and if the popular content you previously owned is not 4K, we cannot meet the demand to watch it in high quality.

Upscaling is the most effective solution to solve the problem. Upscaling can convert the video finished shot to 4K, it means that you can enhance HD video 3 times to 4K thanks to upscaling. It is much cheaper than shot 4K video through high-performance camera and even convert the video you already have. Video creators can use upscaling very usefully to make high quality contents. Kokoon.cloud is fast and easy video upscaling online service, anyone can upscale video through website for free.

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Video resolution will be important factor to evaluate and YouTube which is leading the trend of video contents are realized it, so they play 4K video to public. I think the decision have affected users in YouTube to increase.